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Residential & Commercial Sprinkler System Maintenance

Thrive Landscape Services has multiple teams dedicated to irrigation technology to deliver the best seasonal sprinkler system maintenance for residential and commercial customers. Make sure your irrigation system is ready this season to deliver the water your property needs on the schedule you want with our professional services.

Sprinkler System Inspection in South Jordan, UT

Seasonal Inspections

We offer comprehensive services to ensure the irrigation system at your home or business functions properly. Have peace of mind at the beginning of the season that you’re ready to go, and contact us for help with seasonal maintenance inspections. Additionally, an end-of-season inspection ensures the sprinkler system is in good shape to head into winter without any leaks or other potential issues that could lead to problems in the spring.

Clock & Timer Management

A major convenience of a sprinkler and irrigation system is the set-it and forget-it ability for regular watering. If your timer is off cycle, you’ll miss watering during the scheduled times and may end up over or underwatering the lawn. Call us for service to set your clock and timer for proper watering.

Irrigation Start-Ups & Blow-Outs

Since irrigation systems are installed underground and exposed to the elements year-round, proper start-ups to fill the lines with water and blow-outs to avoid freezing must be part of your maintenance plan. We handle spring start-ups and winter blow-outs for peace of mind.

Schedule Your Seasonal Sprinkler Services Today

Thrive Landscape Services is committed to offering comprehensive seasonal landscape services to home and business owners. If your property has a sprinkler system, contact us to handle your routine seasonal maintenance services. This proactive approach not only ensures you’re ready for proper watering, but we can detect and correct minor issues before they become more significant problems. Contact us to schedule your service today.

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