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Paver Patio Experts

Your patio should never be an afterthought – it deserves to be the centerpiece. Turn your outdoor space from bland and ordinary into grand and sophisticated with the timeless allure of premium pavers from Thrive Landscape Services, premier landscaping company. We specialize in creating beautiful paver patios that blend world-class design, expert craftsmanship, and the refined beauty of paver stones.

Our team in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas in Utah, prioritizes practicality and lasting resilience while transforming your home’s exterior style. Learn more about the added value and visual appeal of a beautiful paver patio, and consider it an investment in your property and your lifestyle.

Paver Patio Designers in South Jordan, UT

Pave the Way to Your New Patio & Reap the Benefits

Paver patios are more than just charming – they offer an impressive array of benefits that can profoundly impact your lifestyle and property value. Let’s dive into what makes paver patios such a stand-out choice for homeowners:

Longevity Durability

One of the strongest selling points for paver patios is their ability to withstand the test of time. High-quality materials resist cracking, erosion, and severe weather conditions, ensuring you have durable, beautifully designed outdoor space for years to come. You’re opting for more than just building a patio. You’re crafting a lasting legacy for your home.

Repair With Ease

Accidents can happen. But with pavers, repairs are a cinch. Pavers are individual units, making them easier to repair and replace when damaged without the need for extensive renovation. Plus, this segmented design allows for simple access to underground utilities, avoiding the need for a complete patio overhaul.

Aesthetic Versatility

Wave goodbye to cookie-cutter options and create a true showpiece that captivates all who visit. Virtually endless designs mean that no two paver patios need to look the same. With an array of patterns, textures, hues, and finishes at your disposal, crafting a dream outdoor space has never been easier or more stylish. Whether your property exudes a contemporary, traditional, or eclectic character, there’s a paver design that will suit your unique tastes.

Boosts Your Property Value

Paver patios aren’t just a joy to use – they’re a strategic investment. A beautiful, long-lasting paver patio can add a significant premium to your property’s market value. If you plan to put your home on the real estate market, future buyers will appreciate the luxurious touch a paver patio brings.

Pattern Designs for Paver Patios

Creating your dream patio starts with choosing the right design. Paver patio patterns can range from intricate and elaborate to simple and quick-to-install. Whether you’re looking for a design that evokes ease and elegance or are looking to make a bold and artistic statement, our patio experts have the perfect pattern for you and your budget.


Also referred to as a stacked bond, a jack-on-jack design is a straightforward grid pattern that brings orderly calm to your outdoor space.

Running Bond

Using a staggered arrangement similar to a classic brick wall, the running bond pattern adds a subtle touch of luxury while being easy to install.


Perfect for homes that celebrate tradition, a basketweave pattern lets you flex your creativity with a style that delivers a sense of order and elegant decoration.


This zigzag pattern is visually mesmerizing to lend motion and inject a dynamic, kinetic feel to larger patios.


Pavers bonded in a pinwheel pattern create a complex design that incorporates an interesting contrast between squares and rectangles, adding a sophisticated layer of whimsy to your outdoor setting.

Why Choose Thrive Landscape Services

Patio Pavers Design in Sandy, UTChoosing Thrive Landscape Services for your paver patio project means opting for a tailormade approach backed by extensive industry experience. From conception to completion, we oversee every phase of the process to ensure every detail aligns with our exacting standards and exceeds your expectations. This personalized attention to quality results in a final product that will be built to last and become the envy of the neighborhood.
If you’re ready to breathe new life into your patio space, we’re here to give it an upgrade. Contact our design team at Thrive Landscape Services in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas in Utah, and get your home improvement project started today.

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