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Home » Install » Parking Strip Flips in Salt Lake County, Utah

About Curb Strip Landscaping

Enhance Your Home With Strip Parking Landscaping

If you’re looking for a small but impactful way to amplify your home’s water conservation efforts, Thrive Landscape Services is here to help with curb strip landscaping in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas in Utah. We specialize in turning parking strips into drought-tolerant, functional spaces that benefit both homeowners and the community, making the most of your outdoor space.

Parking Strip Landscaping in South Jordan, UT

What Is a Parking Strip?

A parking strip, also called a planting strip or hellstrip, is the small plot of land between the sidewalk and the street. Many homeowners overlook this piece of property, but it’s the prime location for water-efficient plants. Enhance curb appeal using zeroscaping or hardscaping designs that require minimal water usage that turn your space into an attractive and sustainable landscape.

The Benefits of a Drought-Tolerant Parking Strip Landscaping Design

Refining your home’s landscape, whether it be a small addition or a major installation, provides an array of benefits to both your home and the community. Our custom-made drought-tolerant, zeroscaping and hardscaping parking strip landscaping designs are trusted by homeowners across, for the value they add to an otherwise unused space. Benefits include the following:

Water Efficient

When you incorporate drought-tolerant, water-wise plants into your parking strip landscaping design, you can significantly reduce watering needs. This minimizes water bills while promoting greater water conservation efforts that aid the environment.


Drought-tolerant plants are an excellent parking strip landscaping addition, as they require minimal maintenance in comparison to traditional gardens. With plants selected based on the local climate, you can benefit from a beautiful space that doesn’t call for a great deal of time spent mowing, pruning, and watering.

Environmental Advantages

Parking strip landscaping helps mitigate water runoff and soil erosion, improving the health of nearby trees and deterring floods. By using native plants and creating a habitat for pollinators and wildlife, you can support biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Boost Your Home's Aesthetic Value

A landscaped parking strip increases your home’s aesthetic properties while also heightening your resale value. By creating an attractive space on your parking strip, you can be proud to show off your beautiful home while also contributing to the beauty and aesthetics of the neighborhood, fostering a sense of pride.

Versatile Design Choices

Parking strip landscaping offers a wealth of versatility. They can be designed to accommodate ranging needs and preferences, from a vibrant flower garden to fresh produce. Plus, if you choose to grow fruits, herbs, or vegetables, you gain the added advantage of enjoying fresh and local produce while reducing your carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Parking Strip Landscape Services

We provide a full range of parking strip flip services, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Our team of landscape designers and horticulturists can work with you to create a custom design that suits your preferences, needs, and budget while offering environmental advantages with hardscaping and zeroscaping tactics that conserve water. During your parking strip flip consultation, our professionals can recommend a variety of plants that thrive in our dry Utah climate and unique soil conditions. Furthermore, we can help you decide on raised beds, irrigation systems, and other features that allow for easy maintenance and sustainable beauty.

Choose Experienced Landscaping Professionals

Once your parking strip is designed and installed by our experts, we continue to provide quality customer service and assistance through our ongoing maintenance services. When you choose Thrive Landscape Services for your parking strip flip service, you’re choosing reputable professionals backed by years of training and experience. Combining our commitment to using the latest tools and techniques with our devotion to optimal customer service, eco-friendly solutions, and sustainable installations that promote a cleaner, greener environment, you can expect nothing short of excellence.

Design Your Water-Wise Parking Strip Landscape Today

When you’re looking for trusted water-wise curb strip landscaping services, look no further than Thrive Landscape Services. Our professionals in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas in Utah, strive to bring people together and uplift the aesthetic value and environmental health of communities through our industry-leading zeroscaping and hardscaping landscaping solutions. Contact us today to schedule your drought-tolerant parking strip flip consultation!

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