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About Us

My Experience

My name is Derek Martindale and I’m a professional landscaper. I have a degree in Landscape and Business Management from BYU and have spent the last 20 years working at the largest landscaping firms creating and maintaining some of the most marquee properties in the country. From five-star resorts like the Montage, Ritz Carlton and St. Regis in Laguna Beach California to the pristine campuses of Amazon, Facebook, Adobe, eBay and Oracle to mega developments like Daybreak, Saratoga Springs and Station Park in Utah. I’ve had the opportunity to manage truly spectacular properties and build relationships with amazing people. I have surrounded myself with some of the best talent in the industry to bring you a depth of knowledge, experience and resources that your home or business deserves. With over 80 team members currently and growing, here are a few of the team members you would be working with directly when you hire Thrive.

Our Team

I started Thrive to bring professional grade landscaping to your home. I’m focusing all my experience to help your property reach its full potential. I’m proactive, collaborative and never satisfied until a job is done right. I believe your home deserves the best and, together, we can make your property thrive.

IMG_6875 - 427x640
Derek Martindale


Amy Martinez Branch Administrator - 427x640
Amy Martinez

Branch Administrator

Todd Smith - Senior Account Manager & Business Developer - 427x640
Todd Smith

Business Developer
Senior Account Manager

Jason Albert - Senior Account Manager - 427x640
Jason Albert

Senior Account Manager

Jay Ertman - Plant Health Care & Residentail Account Manager - 427x640
Jay Ertman

Plant Health Care & Residential Account Manager

Greg Cutburth

Account Manager
Irrigation Specialist

Diego Sanchez

Account Manager

Ivan Ortiz - Production Manager - 427x640
Ivan Ortiz

Production Manager

Galen Howton - Irrigation Manger - 427x640
Galen Howton

Irrigation Manger

Drew Gray - Business Developer & Enhancement Manager - 427x640
Drew Gray

Business Developer & Enhancement Manager

Lynn Yoder

Enhancement Manager

Douglas Ashinhurst - General Manager & Construction - 427x640
Douglas Ashinhurst

General Manager

James Wilson - Business Developer & Estimating Construction - 427x640
James Wilson

Business Developer & Estimating

Nick Sutton - Account Manager - 427x640
Nick Sutton

Project Manager

Andy Paulson

Project Manager

Ryan Pace

Business Developer

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